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VIP Package vs. Pool Party Passes

ABF VIP Package is your golden ticket to fur town!

ABF 2016

The ABF VIP Package is the full access pass for this event. With the VIP Package, you have full access to what ABF offers during this event, such as meals, drinks, open bars, run bag, pool parties with our DJ, and exclusive access to VIP Lounge. However, if you are not able to join us for the whole event, do check out the ABF Pool Party Pass (Daily Pass), where you have access to our pool party during the day. Either way, you will have a great time!

VIP Package Pool Party Pass
ABF Events Access 24 Hrs 12PM to 5PM
Pool Party with DJ Yes Yes
Meals (Catered Buffet, Pizza Party, Fruit and Drinks...) All * Limited **
VIP Lounge Access (Cocktails, snacks, sunscreen...) Yes *** -
Open Bar at Host Hotel Yes *** -
Run Bag (T-shirt, coupons, toys and goodies...) Yes **** -
Private Black Out Party at The Eagle Yes Fees
Discount at selected venues, stores & restaurants Yes -

*           Please check Event Schedule for specific meal and time. Meals might be different for each event.
**        Only Pool Pass for specific day with Catered Buffet. Please check Event Schedule for date.
***      Please check Event Schedule for date and time.
****   Items might be different for each event. Sign up early to secure your Run Bag.

VIP Package
ABF2022 VIP Package.
ABF22 will be held from 7/1/2022 to 7/4/2022.
VIP Package is refundable if canceled before 3/31/22 (minus $20 processing fee).
for 1 VIP Package

Please know that we do NOT send out confirmations to you for privacy reasons. Just come to ABF Registration Desk during the event to pick up your event packet.

Pool Party Passes
Coming soon...
What's Next?

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